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Quality & Safety Policy


     It is the objective of Total Technic Limited to provide line maintenance services and repair of aircraft components in such a way that the Competent Authority and customers’ requirements are completely satisfied.

Commitment of the Management

      It is recognized that aircraft safety (airworthiness) is a prime consideration at all times for all staff, and this is emphasized in the TTL Terms & Conditions of employment. This safety culture is enhanced by embracing human factors principles where appropriate and includes encouraging personnel to report maintenance-related errors/incidents to meet Part-145 requirements. Total Technic Limited ensures that safety standards are not reduced by commercial imperatives. Total Technic Limited also ensures that trains all staff to provide awareness of Human Factors and sets a continuous training program in this field to provide continuous awareness of Human Factors and Human Performance issues. 

     Quality is maintained by the implementation and auditing /reviewing of a quality system in accordance with EASA Part-145. This quality system is supported by a MOE and operating procedures and is a foundation for continuous improvement. Total Technic Limited ensures that the effectiveness of the quality system is reviewed by the Accountable Manager and the management team. 

     The Quality Manager is responsible for ensuring that the quality system is working effectively and has the authority to make any required changes. However, it is an important requirement of the system that every employee of the company shares responsibility for quality (and compliance with associated procedures and regulations). Total Technic Limited (TTL) employees also recognize the need to cooperate with quality auditors. 

      Employees of Total Technic Limited (TTL) ensure good use of resources and pay particular attention to carrying out correct maintenance on the first attempt. The directors of TTL are totally committed to the principles stated in this Safety and Quality Policy. This policy shall be understood, implemented, and maintained at all levels within the organization.  








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